Welcome To The Challenge

Well Done!!  You’ve made a great decision to get your blog started and start earning income online.  With the technology we have today, blogging is easier than you think.  You have an appointment with an abandant future, so just take an hour of your day for 5 days and get your profitable blog started.

Unlike some free courses, this is a step by step, behind the scenes tech tutorial along with resource guides.  You will always have access to these pages, so you can come back at anytime to go over the videos again.  Each day is designed to get you through some of the popular excuses or limiting beliefs that you may have about getting started.  Each video is between 5 to 10 mintues, so you can consume them in sections and not get overwhelmed.

Day 1:
Excuse:  I don’t know what to blog about, everything is done already.
Some mind mapping exercises, so you can pinpoint the intersection of what you care about, what others care about, and what is profitable.  We will also register your domain name and buy your hosting plan.

Day 2:
Excuse: I don’t know all this tech stuff, it’s just too complicated.
I’ll take you through c-panel a lot slower than in the live class, and you don’t have to go back in there if you don’t want to.  You also get to install your theme and set up your security, tracking and other essential plugins.

Day 3:
Excuse:  I don’t have my logos, fonts, colours yet. I don’t want to launch without those.
Stop it!!  I’ll show you why.  Check out and type in a site you like now, and see what they looked like way back then.
I’ll show you where to get inspiration from for you colors and fonts, and start with a general idea, then design your front end, (what your audience will experience), and post your first blog.  You may not have content ready yet, so I’ll give you 2 days to get all this done.

Day 4:  
Excuse:  Making money online is hard
It won’t be an extensive affiliate marketing course, but I’ll show you 3 ways to go about it.

Day 5:  
Excuse: People won’t come to my site
They won’t if you don’t tell them, so I’ll show you how to use social media and your email list to get drive traffic to your site.

Hope to see you taking action,

Stay Blessed


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